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What Clients Are Saying

Ker was someone who contributed to our dream of continuing onto bigger and better. She not only sold our previous home but she went above and beyond to learn what our family dynamics were so that she could find us a home that fit our lifestyle. And that she did. We are now settled into our new home and we couldn't be happier. She was professional and used her resources to our advantage. As stressful as it was to transition from one home to the next, she was flexible and very understanding. She was someone we felt comfortable to express our opinions with. And, her sense of humor was so on point with ours that it made our journey so much more enjoyable. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to say farewell to their old home and say hello to their next. I know she will be successful because she is motivated and goes the extra mile to advocate for you. We are so blessed to have found her when we did. She came into our life at the right time and I am so grateful for all that she has done for me and my family! She won't let you down! Thank you Ker!


I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ker by an old friend and she came on to sell a condo that had stalled on the market. She brought dedication and tenacity and a winning affability to the sale. I have yet to meet her in person as she managed the entire process while I was out of town, but I did enjoy getting her frequent updates. Soon after Ker took us on my wife was in town unannounced and as she exited the interstate towards the condo she started noticing open house signs, only realizing they were for our place after she had driven several blocks. Ker Vang is a polished professional who is great to work with and made selling our condo easy. I highly recommend her work.

Max Edward